This learning track features Omeka exercises, from the simple (adding an item) to the more sophisticated (wrangling metadata).

By the end of this learning track, participants will have experience with adding items, singly and in batch building collections building exhibits batch-modifying their metadata.

Thank you for joining!

Exercise 1: Create your Omeka site


In this exercise, you will create your own free, hosted Omeka site via omeka.net. Open Miriam Posner's excellent tutorial, Up and Running with…

Exercise 2: Add an Item

Add Item.JPG

Take a look at the following manuscript image. Your task is to create a new Item in Omeka that represents this image. You get to decide how to map the…

Exercise 3: Create a Collection

Add Collection.JPG

Create a new Collection in Omeka. Its title should be your last name. Then add an item to the Collection.

Exercise 4: Add Multiple Items

CSV Import Map.JPG

Adding items to Omeka one by one is laborious and error-prone. Using the CSV Import Plugin, add multiple items by saving the file attached to this…

Exercise 5: Wrangle Your Metadata

Wrangle Metadata.JPG

In the Exercise spreadsheet attached, you have a survey of angel images from BL Add. 42555. The spreadsheet contains several fields describing the…