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A sample assignment using Omeka to create a multimedia word study, in an undergraduate Old English course.

This assignment will require students to explore a word within an Old English literary passage, using the Dictionary of Old English and DOE…

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Adding items to Omeka one by one is laborious and error-prone. Using the CSV Import Plugin, add multiple items by saving the file attached to this exercise as .csv and then importing it. How will you map the column headings onto Dublin Core? If…

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Create a new Collection in Omeka. Its title should be your last name. Then add an item to the Collection.

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Take a look at the following manuscript image. Your task is to create a new Item in Omeka that represents this image. You get to decide how to map the metadata from the British Library catalogue entry onto Dublin Core. Then download the manuscript…

An introduction to Omeka. By the end of this tutorial, participants will: understand the building blocks and basic affordances of Omeka as a content management system and data curation platform; Understand the basics of Dublin Core metadata schema;…
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